About Timeline

Timeline is a tool that aims to help you accomplish more in less time. More specifically, it SAVES you time by enabling asynchronous feedback on web projects and design projects.

Long gone are the days when you had to skip lunch in order to connect with your client. Whether it's you working long days, your client, or both, use your time as it works best for you by providing or collecting feedback at the time most convenient for you.


  1. Web designers and developers trade time for dollars and their income is often directly proportional to their number of hours spent working.
  2. Collaboration with clients is often inefficient and unproductive, and today’s tools don’t help much. While the usefulness of internal tools has grown significantly, external collaboration tools are still lacking.

Our Solution:

  • Timeline has created a suite of visual collaboration tools. Clients find them as easy-to-use as their email and developers find them ridiculously efficient.
  • Next, we’ll enable developers to deploy sites and apps as easily as saving files to Dropbox. Just drag, drop, and deploy.

Our Mission:

Enable developers & designers to meet the needs of their clients more easily and bring their solutions to life faster than ever before.

Spend less time communicating and more time creating.